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Orthodontics Aligners with a fully digital workflow is now available in Sea Point Cape Town. Have you always wanted straighter teeth, but been afraid of the pain, the inconvenience of eating, and also the appearance of a “tin grin”?

Unlike conventional braces, Invisalign allows precise adjustments at specific points in your mouth instead of putting pressure on all your teeth that have been “wired in”. Worldwide over 3 million people have experienced the benefit of Invisalign clear orthodontics without having braces. It’s a great, non-invasive alternative that can get results faster than conventional braces. Perfect for adults and teens that don’t want traditional railway tracks!

Gone are the days of metallic braces and the embarrassment and self-consciousness that comes with them. Invisalign Orthodontics aligners will help you achieve a gorgeous smile, without shiny wires protruding from your mouth for 2 years.

Invisalign Orthodontics aligners are a perfect fit because the aligners are:

- Clear
- Removable
- Super comfortable
- Customized just for you

At our dentist surgery in Sea Point Cape Town, we offer the services of Dr Harris Smeyatsky. Dr Harris is certified in the Invisalign system and has completed several hundred cases in the UK and South Africa. Your initial Invisalign consultation is free and we’d be happy to explore your options with you.

Optismile, here in Cape Town, is South Africa's first Invisalign-only practice, led by Dr Harris Smeyatsky. With over fifteen years of experience in practicing Invisalign, and hundreds of successfully completed cases, you can be rest assured you are in the best possible hands.

Below, Dr Harris has answered some of the most commonly asked questions regarding Invisalign to help you understand the process better and decide if it’s right for you.

What to expect when you come in to OptiSmile

  1. Come in for a free consultation
    This is a quick and easy way to gauge whether or not Invisalign treatment will fit your needs.
  2. Schedule the Treatment
    Dr. Harris Smeyatsky is OptiSmile’s invisalign specialist.
  3. Begin Treatment
    Dr. Harris will start by mapping out a detailed treatment plan with your goals in mind. An exciting part of the Invisalign technology is that he will be able to show you a digital 3D representation of how your teeth will move during the treatment.
Contact OptiSmile to book your free Invisalign consultation. You also have the option of contacting us via WhatsApp or email if you have any more specific questions regarding your treatment.

How Invisalign Works

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